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The Icknield Way trail is identified along its route using waymark discs and finger signs. The finger signs above are used to highlight the route in Bedfordshire along roads (left-hand image) and where the route leaves the road along a public right of way (right-hand image).

In other counties, the  Icknield Way ‘riders route’ indicates where the riders route diverges from the combined riders & walkers route.

IW Riders sign
IW Trail discs

Wherever possible the route follows public rights of way which are identified using these discs along the route:

Byway Open to All Traffic (BOAT) - open to walkers, cyclists, horse-riders, horse-drawn vehicles and motor vehicles; waymarked with a red arrow.

Restricted byway - open to walkers, cyclists, horse riders and horse drawn vehicles; waymarked with a plum coloured arrow.

Bridleway - open to walkers, horse riders and cyclists; waymarked with a blue arrow.

Footpath - open to walkers only; waymarked with a yellow arrow.

Walkers’ route – where the Icknield Way trail and the Icknield Way path diverge the walkers route is identified with these discs.  The disc is also used to mark permissive paths where the land manager has allowed the Icknield Way path to follow a route which is not aligned with a legal public right of way.

You can take a pram and/or a dog with you on any public right of way.  Generally dogs do not have to be kept on leads.  However, they must be kept under control and on the path and not allowed to wander onto adjacent fields or disturb livestock.

Always follow the 2012 Countryside code:

  • Respect other people
    • By law, cyclists must give way to walkers and horse-riders on bridleways

  • Protect the natural environment
    • keep dogs under effective control

  • Enjoy the outdoors
    • You’re responsible for your own safety

Enjoy the countryside and let others enjoy it too

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